Family Fun in Bhopal

Day 1: Lakes and Picnic

Bhopal, India


Upper Lake

Start your day with a relaxing boat ride at Upper Lake, perfect for a family outing.
INR 100, 2 hours


Lower Lake

Enjoy a picnic by Lower Lake and take a leisurely walk around its scenic surroundings.
INR 200, 3 hours


Local Eatery

Try local street food for dinner, a budget-friendly option for the family.
INR 300, 1 hour

Day 2: Nature and Culture

Bhopal, India


Van Vihar National Park

Explore the park's wildlife and enjoy a nature walk, great for kids and adults alike.
INR 50, 3 hours


Tribal Museum

Learn about the local tribal culture and traditions through interactive exhibits.
INR 100, 2 hours


Budget-Friendly Restaurant

Dine at a local restaurant offering affordable and authentic Indian cuisine.
INR 400, 1.5 hours

Day 3: Museums and Science

Bhopal, India


Birla Museum

Explore the museum's art and historical artifacts, a great learning experience for the family.
INR 50, 2 hours


Regional Science Center

Engage in interactive scientific exhibits, perfect for kids to learn through play.
INR 30, 2 hours


Local Street Food

Savor local street food for dinner, a budget-friendly and tasty option.
INR 200, 1 hour

Day 4: Historical Exploration

Bhopal, India


Bhimbetka Caves

Discover ancient rock shelters and cave paintings, a fascinating experience for the family.
INR 100, 3 hours


Sanchi Stupa

Visit the UNESCO World Heritage site and learn about its historical significance.
INR 50, 2 hours


Local Cuisine

Enjoy a traditional Indian dinner at a local eatery, offering authentic flavors at a reasonable price.
INR 300, 1.5 hours

Day 5: Fort and Temple Visit

Bhopal, India


Raisen Fort

Explore the ancient fort and enjoy panoramic views of the surrounding area.
INR 50, 2 hours


Bhojpur Temple

Visit the historic temple known for its architectural grandeur and tranquil atmosphere.
INR 20, 1.5 hours


Local Dinner Spot

End your day with a meal at a local restaurant, offering affordable and delicious Indian dishes.
INR 400, 1.5 hours