Luxurious Getaway in Goa

Day 1: Beachside Bliss

North Goa, India on May 2, 2024


Breakfast at Cafe Lazy Days

Start your day with a delightful beachfront breakfast, enjoying the serene views and fresh sea breeze.
1500 INR, 1 hour


Relax at Calangute Beach

Unwind on the pristine shores of Calangute Beach, known for its golden sand and clear waters.
Free, 3 hours


Lunch at Souza Lobo

Indulge in a sumptuous Goan seafood lunch at the iconic Souza Lobo restaurant, offering a blend of flavors and spices.
3000 INR, 1.5 hours


Water Sports at Baga Beach

Embark on an adrenaline-pumping adventure with water sports activities at Baga Beach, from jet skiing to parasailing.
5000 INR, 2 hours


Dinner at Gunpowder

Savor a delectable dinner at Gunpowder, known for its authentic South Indian cuisine with a contemporary twist.
4000 INR, 2 hours

Day 2: Cultural Exploration

Central Goa, India on May 3, 2024


Breakfast at Artjuna

Enjoy a leisurely breakfast amidst artistic surroundings at Artjuna, a charming cafe with a bohemian vibe.
1200 INR, 1.5 hours


Visit Fort Aguada

Immerse yourself in history at Fort Aguada, offering panoramic views of the Arabian Sea and an insight into Goa's colonial past.
1000 INR, 2 hours


Lunch at Vinayak Family Restaurant

Delight in authentic Goan cuisine for lunch at Vinayak Family Restaurant, known for its traditional flavors and warm hospitality.
2500 INR, 1.5 hours


Explore Anjuna Flea Market

Shop for unique souvenirs and immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of the Anjuna Flea Market, where local artisans showcase their crafts.
2000 INR, 2 hours


Dinner at Thalassa

Experience a magical sunset dinner at Thalassa, an enchanting cliffside restaurant serving Greek cuisine amidst breathtaking views.
5000 INR, 3 hours

Day 3: Tranquil Retreat

South Goa, India on May 4, 2024


Breakfast at Antares Restaurant & Beach Club

Start your day with a lavish breakfast at Antares, a beachfront restaurant with a serene ambiance and delectable cuisine.
1800 INR, 1.5 hours


Relax at Palolem Beach

Unwind at Palolem Beach, known for its picturesque setting and tranquil waters, perfect for a peaceful morning by the sea.
Free, 3 hours


Lunch at Zeebop by the Sea

Enjoy a flavorsome seafood lunch at Zeebop by the Sea, a beachfront restaurant offering a delightful culinary experience.
3500 INR, 1.5 hours


Boat Trip to Butterfly Beach

Embark on a luxurious boat trip to the secluded Butterfly Beach, where you can indulge in snorkeling and marvel at the vibrant marine life.
8000 INR, 3 hours


Dinner at Martin's Corner

Conclude your day with a delightful dinner at Martin's Corner, a renowned eatery serving delectable Goan and international cuisine.
4500 INR, 2 hours