Exploring the Beauty of Lakshadweep

Day 1: Island Hopping

Lakshadweep, India


Arrive at Agatti Island

Start your day with a scenic flight to Agatti Island, the gateway to the stunning atolls of Lakshadweep.
Flight cost: £150, 2 hours


Explore Bangaram Island

Take a short boat ride to Bangaram Island for snorkelling, sunbathing, and a delightful beachside lunch.
Boat ride cost: £30, 3 hours


Relax at Thinnakara Island

Hop on a boat to Thinnakara Island to enjoy the serene beaches, go kayaking, and witness a mesmerizing sunset.
Boat ride cost: £20, 4 hours

Day 2: Island Exploration

Lakshadweep, India


Discover Kalpeni Island

Embark on a boat ride to Kalpeni Island, known for its sparkling lagoons, water sports, and a sumptuous beachside breakfast.
Boat ride cost: £40, 3 hours


Experience Kavaratti Island

Explore the cultural charm of Kavaratti Island, visit the marine aquarium, indulge in local cuisine for lunch, and shop for souvenirs.
Lunch cost: £15, 4 hours


Sunset at Minicoy Island

Take a boat to Minicoy Island and unwind on the pristine beaches while witnessing a breathtaking sunset. Enjoy a seafood dinner by the shore.
Boat ride cost: £50, 5 hours