Family Fun in Bangalore

Day 1: Nature and Science

Bangalore, India


Breakfast at MTR - 1924

Start your day with a traditional South Indian breakfast at MTR - 1924, known for its delicious masala dosa and filter coffee.
INR 300, 1 hour


Lalbagh Botanical Garden

Explore the stunning botanical garden with diverse plant species, a serene lake, and the famous Lalbagh Rock.
INR 50, 2-3 hours


Lunch at Vidyarthi Bhavan

Enjoy a wholesome South Indian meal at Vidyarthi Bhavan, known for its crispy and flavorful masala dosa.
INR 400, 1 hour


Visvesvaraya Industrial and Technological Museum

Discover the wonders of science and technology through interactive exhibits and educational displays at the museum.
INR 100, 2-3 hours


Cubbon Park

Enjoy a leisurely stroll in the lush greenery of Cubbon Park, perfect for family picnics and outdoor activities.
Free entry, 1-2 hours

Day 2: Wildlife and Culture

Bangalore, India


Bannerghatta Biological Park

Embark on a safari and encounter wildlife at Bannerghatta Biological Park, home to a zoo, butterfly park, and rescue center.
INR 500, 3-4 hours


Lunch at Kamat Bugle Rock

Savor a traditional thali or biryani at Kamat Bugle Rock, offering a variety of flavorful vegetarian dishes.
INR 600, 1 hour


Innovative Film City

Immerse in the world of cinema and entertainment at Innovative Film City, featuring rides, attractions, and live shows.
INR 1000, 3-4 hours


Bangalore Palace

Step into the grandeur of Bangalore Palace, known for its architectural elegance, lush grounds, and historical artifacts.
INR 250, 1-2 hours

Day 3: Thrilling Adventure

Bangalore, India


Wonderla Amusement Park

Experience a day of exhilarating rides and water attractions at Wonderla Amusement Park, offering fun for all ages.
INR 1500, 6-8 hours