Family Fun in Goa

Day 1: North Goa Adventure

North Goa, India


Visit Fort Aguada

Start your day with a visit to the historic Fort Aguada, offering stunning views of the Arabian Sea.
Free, 2 hours


Beach Time at Calangute

Head to Calangute Beach for some family fun under the sun. Enjoy water sports or simply relax on the golden sands.
Varies based on activities chosen, 3 hours


Lunch at Infantaria

Indulge in a delicious Goan meal at Infantaria, known for its family-friendly atmosphere and diverse menu.
500 INR, 1 hour


Explore Baga Beach

Take a leisurely stroll along Baga Beach, known for its lively atmosphere and shacks offering snacks and refreshments.
Free, 2 hours


Dinner at Britto's

Enjoy a delightful dinner at Britto's, a popular beach shack offering a wide range of Goan and international dishes.
800 INR, 1.5 hours

Day 2: Central Goa Delights

Central Goa, India


Explore the Spice Plantations

Embark on a guided tour of the spice plantations, where the family can learn about various spices and their cultivation.
1200 INR per adult, 600 INR per child, 2.5 hours


Lunch at Sahakari Spice Farm

Savor a traditional Goan thali lunch at Sahakari Spice Farm, surrounded by lush greenery and serene surroundings.
1000 INR, 1 hour


Explore the Ancestral Goa Museum

Visit the Ancestral Goa Museum to explore Goan history and culture through art, artifacts, and interactive exhibits.
300 INR per adult, 150 INR per child, 2 hours


Relax at Mayem Lake

Spend a peaceful evening by the picturesque Mayem Lake, perfect for family picnics and boat rides.
Free entry, boat rides extra, 2 hours


Dinner at Ritz Classic

Indulge in a scrumptious dinner at Ritz Classic, known for its diverse menu and warm ambiance.
700 INR, 1.5 hours

Day 3: South Goa Serenity

South Goa, India


Visit Colva Beach

Spend a relaxing morning at Colva Beach, known for its pristine white sands and tranquil atmosphere, perfect for family relaxation.
Free, 3 hours


Lunch at Fishka

Enjoy a seafood feast at Fishka, a family-friendly restaurant offering a wide range of fresh seafood dishes.
1000 INR, 1 hour


Explore Palolem Beach

Visit the scenic Palolem Beach, known for its gentle waves and family-friendly ambience, ideal for building sandcastles and swimming.
Free, 2 hours


Dolphin Watching Excursion

Embark on an exciting dolphin watching boat trip, a thrilling experience for the whole family.
1000 INR per person, 2 hours


Dinner at Martin's Corner

Conclude your day with a delectable dinner at Martin's Corner, known for its seafood specialties and lively atmosphere.
800 INR, 1.5 hours