Romantic Birthday Celebration in Pune

Day 1: Romantic Birthday

Pune, India


Morning Stroll at Osho Garden

Begin the day with a tranquil walk through the beautiful Osho Garden, surrounded by lush greenery and serene ponds.
Free, 1-2 hours


Explore Shaniwar Wada

Immerse yourselves in the history of the majestic Shaniwar Wada fort, and capture some memorable photos together.
INR 100 per person, 1-2 hours


Lunch at Malaka Spice

Indulge in a romantic lunch at Malaka Spice, known for its cozy ambiance and delectable Southeast Asian cuisine.
INR 1200 for two, 1-1.5 hours


Visit Aga Khan Palace

Take a leisurely stroll through the elegant Aga Khan Palace, known for its architectural beauty and historical significance.
INR 100 per person, 1-2 hours


Relax at the Hotel

Return to the hotel to freshen up and relax before heading out for dinner.
N/A, 1-1.5 hours


Romantic Dinner at Paasha

Enjoy a memorable birthday dinner at Paasha, a rooftop restaurant offering stunning views of Pune's skyline and delectable Mediterranean cuisine.
INR 2500 for two, 2-3 hours