Romantic Honeymoon Getaway in Udaipur

Day 1: City Exploration

Udaipur, India


Visit Udaipur City Palace

Begin your day with a visit to the magnificent Udaipur City Palace, offering breathtaking views of the city and Lake Pichola.
INR 300, 2 hours


Explore Jag Mandir

Take a boat ride to Jag Mandir, an island palace known for its stunning architecture and serene surroundings.
INR 1500 (boat ride), 1.5 hours


Lunch at Ambrai Restaurant

Enjoy a romantic lunch with a view of Lake Pichola at Ambrai Restaurant, known for its delectable Rajasthani cuisine.
INR 2000, 1.5 hours


Visit Bagore Ki Haveli

Explore the cultural heritage museum of Bagore Ki Haveli, showcasing traditional Mewar art and puppet shows.
INR 100, 1 hour


Boat Ride on Lake Pichola

Indulge in a romantic boat ride on the shimmering waters of Lake Pichola as the sun sets, offering mesmerizing views of the City Palace and Jag Mandir.
INR 400, 1 hour


Dinner at Sheesh Mahal

End your day with a candlelit dinner at Sheesh Mahal, known for its royal ambiance and delectable Mughlai cuisine.
INR 2500, 2 hours

Day 2: Gardens and Lakes

Udaipur, India


Explore Saheliyon Ki Bari

Begin your day at the beautiful Saheliyon Ki Bari, known for its lush greenery, fountains, and marble art depicting the rich history of Udaipur.
INR 50, 1.5 hours


Visit the Vintage Car Museum

Discover a unique collection of vintage cars and royal carriages at the Vintage Car Museum, offering a glimpse into the opulent past of the Maharajas.
INR 300, 1 hour


Lunch at Raaj Bagh

Enjoy a leisurely lunch at Raaj Bagh, a garden restaurant offering a serene ambiance and authentic Rajasthani flavors.
INR 1500, 1.5 hours


Relax by Fateh Sagar Lake

Spend a peaceful afternoon by the picturesque Fateh Sagar Lake, surrounded by lush hills and charming boat rides.
Free, 2 hours


Boat Ride at Sunset

Embark on a romantic boat ride at sunset on Fateh Sagar Lake, offering breathtaking views of the Aravalli Mountains and the cityscape.
INR 300, 1 hour


Dinner at Jaiwana Haveli Rooftop Restaurant

Experience a romantic dinner with panoramic views of the lake and the city at Jaiwana Haveli Rooftop Restaurant, known for its delectable fusion cuisine.
INR 2000, 2 hours

Day 3: Historical and Cultural Delights

Udaipur, India


Visit Monsoon Palace

Begin your day with a visit to the iconic Monsoon Palace, perched atop a hill and offering panoramic views of the surrounding lakes and palaces.
INR 100, 2 hours


Explore Karni Mata Temple

Discover the spiritual charm of Karni Mata Temple, dedicated to the revered deity Karni Mata, with stunning views of Udaipur below.
Free, 1 hour


Lunch at Natraj Dining Hall

Enjoy a traditional Rajasthani Thali for lunch at Natraj Dining Hall, known for its authentic flavors and warm hospitality.
INR 800, 1.5 hours


Explore Shilpgram

Immerse yourselves in the rich culture and heritage of Rajasthan at Shilpgram, an arts and crafts village showcasing traditional crafts, music, and dance.
INR 200, 2 hours


Sunset at Lake Fatehsagar

Experience the magical sunset at Lake Fatehsagar, offering a serene and romantic ambiance for a leisurely evening stroll.
Free, 1 hour


Dinner at Tribute Restaurant

Indulge in a romantic dinner at Tribute Restaurant, known for its elegant setting and delectable fusion cuisine, perfect for a memorable evening.
INR 3000, 2 hours