Family Fun in South Goa

Day 1: Beach Day

Colva Beach, South Goa, India


Breakfast at The Farmhouse

Start your day with a hearty breakfast of local and continental delights at this family-friendly restaurant.
600 INR, 1 hour


Colva Beach

Spend the day building sandcastles, taking a dip in the sea, and enjoying beach activities with the family.
Free, 4-6 hours


Lunch at Fishka

Indulge in delicious seafood and Goan cuisine for a satisfying beachside lunch experience.
1000 INR, 1 hour


Water Sports and Leisure

Try water sports activities or simply relax on the beach with the family.
Varies, 2-3 hours


Dinner at The Garden

Enjoy a relaxed dinner amidst lush surroundings and a play area for kids at this family-friendly restaurant.
800 INR, 1-2 hours

Day 2: Beach Hopping

Palolem Beach, Butterfly Beach, South Goa, India


Breakfast at Art Resort Cottages

Fuel up with a delicious breakfast at this charming resort before heading out for the day.
500 INR, 1 hour


Palolem Beach

Relax on the pristine beach and take a family-friendly boat ride to explore the beautiful surroundings.
Free, 2-3 hours


Lunch at Dropadi

Savor a variety of Goan and international dishes at this beachside restaurant known for its relaxed vibe.
1200 INR, 1 hour


Butterfly Beach

Embark on a short boat trip to the secluded Butterfly Beach for some family beachcombing and relaxation.
Varies, 2-3 hours


Dinner at Magic Italy

Enjoy a delightful Italian dinner with a range of options for both kids and adults at this family-friendly restaurant.
900 INR, 1-2 hours

Day 3: Nature Adventure

Dudhsagar Falls, South Goa, India


Breakfast at The Verandah Restaurant

Start your day with a sumptuous breakfast amidst lush greenery and serene surroundings at this restaurant.
700 INR, 1 hour


Dudhsagar Falls Excursion

Embark on a family adventure to witness the majestic Dudhsagar Falls, and enjoy the scenic train ride or jeep safari.
1500 INR, 6-8 hours


Picnic Lunch

Indulge in a picnic lunch amidst the natural beauty near Dudhsagar Falls, creating memorable family moments.
500 INR, 1 hour


Scenic Nature Walk

Explore the lush surroundings and take a leisurely walk to soak in the tranquil atmosphere with the family.
Free, 1-2 hours


Dinner at Wildernest Nature Resort

Enjoy a delicious dinner at this nature resort offering a perfect blend of local and international cuisine for all ages.
1000 INR, 1-2 hours