Relaxation Retreat in Tirupati

Day 1: Mountain Serenity

Tirumala, Andhra Pradesh


Visit Sri Venkateswara Temple

Start your day with a visit to the renowned Sri Venkateswara Temple, nestled amidst the lush greenery of the Tirumala hills.
Free entry, donations welcome, 2 hours


Explore Silathoranam

Take a peaceful stroll to explore the natural rock formation of Silathoranam, an awe-inspiring geological wonder.
Free, 1 hour


Lunch at Annaprasadam Complex

Indulge in a simple yet satisfying vegetarian meal at the Annaprasadam Complex, known for its delicious food served with utmost devotion.
INR 50 per person, 1 hour


Relax at Akasa Ganga

Spend a tranquil afternoon by the Akasa Ganga waterfalls, surrounded by the calming sounds of nature and the refreshing mist from the cascading waters.
Free, 2 hours


Dinner at Hill View Restaurant

Enjoy a hearty dinner with a stunning view of the surrounding hills at the Hill View Restaurant, offering a delightful blend of local and international cuisine.
INR 800 per person, 1.5 hours

Day 2: City Charm

Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh


Visit Regional Science Center

Kickstart your day with a visit to the Regional Science Center, a fascinating place to explore interactive exhibits and gain insights into various scientific phenomena.
INR 30 per person, 2 hours


Lunch at Bhimas Deluxe Hotel

Relish a delectable lunch at Bhimas Deluxe Hotel, known for its diverse menu and warm hospitality, providing the perfect midday rejuvenation.
INR 500 per person, 1.5 hours


Relaxing Spa Session at Aadya Spa

Indulge in a rejuvenating spa session at Aadya Spa, where you can unwind and pamper yourself with a range of therapeutic treatments and massages.
INR 2000 onwards, 2 hours


Dinner at Sweet Magic Restaurant

Conclude your day with a delightful dinner at Sweet Magic Restaurant, offering a blend of traditional and contemporary dishes in a charming ambiance.
INR 600 per person, 1.5 hours