Romantic Honeymoon in Ooty

Day 1: Arrival in Ooty

Ooty, India


Check-in at Romantic Resort

Settle into your luxurious honeymoon suite with stunning views of the Nilgiri Mountains.
INR 5000, 1 hour


Lunch at Earl's Secret

Enjoy a delightful lunch in the garden of this colonial-style restaurant.
INR 1500, 1.5 hours


Boat Ride at Ooty Lake

Take a romantic boat ride on the serene Ooty Lake surrounded by eucalyptus trees.
INR 600, 1 hour


Dinner at Place to Bee

Enjoy a candlelit dinner with a blend of Indian and Continental cuisine in a cozy setting.
INR 2500, 2 hours

Day 2: Exploring Ooty

Ooty, India


Breakfast at Sidewalk Cafe

Start your day with a delicious breakfast and aromatic coffee at this charming cafe.
INR 800, 1 hour


Visit Government Botanical Garden

Stroll hand in hand through the beautiful garden featuring exotic plants and a fossil tree trunk.
INR 300, 2 hours


Lunch at Nahar's Sidewalk Cafe

Indulge in a delightful lunch amidst a picturesque setting with delectable European and Indian cuisine.
INR 2000, 1.5 hours


Tea Tasting at Tea Factory

Experience a guided tour and tasting session at a tea factory to savor various flavors of Nilgiri tea.
INR 500, 1 hour


Dinner at Shinkow's Chinese Restaurant

Savor delectable Chinese delicacies in a cozy ambiance perfect for a romantic dinner.
INR 3000, 2 hours

Day 3: Day Trip to Coonoor

Coonoor, India


Scenic Train Ride to Coonoor

Embark on a scenic train ride from Ooty to Coonoor, enjoying breathtaking views of valleys and tea plantations.
INR 1000, 2 hours


Lunch at The Culinarium

Relish a gourmet lunch at this cozy restaurant known for its fusion cuisine and scenic views.
INR 1800, 1.5 hours


Sightseeing at Sim's Park

Explore the well-manicured gardens and rare plant species at the picturesque Sim's Park.
INR 500, 1.5 hours


Dinner at Open Kitchen

Enjoy a romantic dinner with a mix of Indian and international flavors in a relaxed outdoor setting.
INR 2500, 2 hours

Day 4: Departure from Ooty

Ooty, India


Breakfast at Teapot Cafe

Have a delightful breakfast at this cozy cafe known for its delicious pancakes and English breakfast.
INR 1000, 1 hour


Shopping at Tibetan Market

Pick up some unique souvenirs and handicrafts as mementos of your romantic honeymoon in Ooty.
Variable, 2 hours


Lunch at Sidewalk Cafe

Enjoy a leisurely lunch before departing, reminiscing about the wonderful time spent in Ooty.
INR 1500, 1.5 hours


Visit Ooty Rose Garden

Take a leisurely stroll through the enchanting rose garden, admiring the vibrant blooms.
INR 200, 1 hour