Romantic European Honeymoon

Day 1: City of Love

Paris, France


Visit the Eiffel Tower

Start your day with a visit to the iconic Eiffel Tower, and take in panoramic views of Paris.
€25, 2 hours


Lunch at Le Procope

Indulge in a romantic lunch at Le Procope, the oldest cafe in Paris with a charming ambiance.
€50, 1.5 hours


Louvre Museum

Explore the world-famous Louvre Museum and admire masterpieces like the Mona Lisa.
€17, 3 hours


Dinner at 58 Tour Eiffel

Enjoy a romantic dinner at 58 Tour Eiffel, with stunning views of the illuminated Eiffel Tower.
€120, 2 hours

Day 2: Enchanting Canals

Venice, Italy


Gondola Ride in Venice

Embark on a private gondola ride through the enchanting canals of Venice, and take in the romantic ambiance.
€80, 1 hour


Lunch at Ristorante Alle Corone

Savor a delightful lunch at Ristorante Alle Corone, offering authentic Venetian cuisine in a charming setting.
€60, 1.5 hours


Explore Piazza San Marco

Stroll hand-in-hand through Piazza San Marco, and admire the stunning architecture of St. Mark's Basilica.
Free, 2 hours


Dinner at Antico Martini

Enjoy a romantic candlelit dinner at Antico Martini, known for its elegant atmosphere and exquisite Venetian dishes.
€100, 2 hours

Day 3: Santorini Sunsets

Santorini, Greece


Wine Tasting at Santo Wines

Indulge in a private wine tasting at Santo Wines, while enjoying breathtaking views of the Santorini caldera.
€40, 1.5 hours


Lunch at Lauda Restaurant

Relish a leisurely lunch at Lauda Restaurant, with a romantic cliffside setting and delectable Greek cuisine.
€70, 2 hours


Oia Sunset

Witness the world-famous Santorini sunset in Oia, known for its spellbinding beauty and romantic atmosphere.
Free, 2 hours


Dinner at 1800-Floga Restaurant

Dine under the stars at 1800-Floga Restaurant, offering delectable Mediterranean cuisine and stunning views.
€90, 2 hours

Day 4: Barcelona Delights

Barcelona, Spain


Visit La Sagrada Familia

Begin your day with a visit to the awe-inspiring La Sagrada Familia, a symbol of Barcelona's rich architectural heritage.
€20, 2 hours


Lunch at Ciudad Condal

Savor a delightful lunch at Ciudad Condal, a bustling tapas bar offering a wide selection of delectable bites.
€40, 1.5 hours


Explore Park Güell

Stroll through the whimsical Park Güell, adorned with colourful mosaic sculptures and panoramic views of the city.
€10, 2 hours


Dinner at Mirabé Restaurant

Indulge in a romantic dinner at Mirabé Restaurant, offering a terrace with stunning views of Barcelona at night.
€110, 2 hours