Delicious Eats in Paris

Restaurant List

Day 1

Le Café de Flore Breakfast
20€, 1 hour

Indulge in a classic French breakfast experience at Le Café de Flore. Enjoy freshly baked croissants, a selection of cheeses and meats, and a steaming cup of espresso. Bon appétit!

L'As du Fallafel Lunch
15€, 30 minutes

For lunch, head to L'As du Fallafel for a taste of the best falafel in Paris. Savor crispy falafel balls nestled in warm pita bread, accompanied by fresh veggies and flavorful sauces.

Le Chateaubriand Dinner
100€, 2 hours

End your day with a luxurious dinner at Le Chateaubriand. This Michelin-starred restaurant offers innovative French cuisine with a modern twist. Indulge in a gourmet dining experience that will leave your taste buds delighted.

Day 2

Angelina Paris Breakfast
25€, 1 hour

Start your day with a decadent breakfast at Angelina Paris. Treat yourself to their famous hot chocolate and mouthwatering pastries, such as the Parisian Mont-Blanc cake.

L'Avenue Lunch
30€, 1 hour

For a chic lunch experience, dine at L'Avenue. This trendy restaurant offers a fusion of French and international cuisine, set against the backdrop of Parisian elegance.

Chez Paul Dinner
50€, 1.5 hours

Enjoy a cozy dinner at Chez Paul, a traditional French bistro known for its hearty dishes and welcoming ambiance. Try their signature beef bourguignon or escargot for a true taste of Paris.