Ultimate Culinary Adventure in Tokyo

Restaurant List

Day 1

Tsukiji Fish Market Breakfast
¥1500-¥3000, 1-2 hours

Start your day with a fresh seafood breakfast at Tsukiji Fish Market, known for its sushi and sashimi.

Yakitori Ton Ton Lunch
¥1000-¥2000, 1-2 hours

Enjoy grilled skewers of chicken and vegetables in a cozy atmosphere at Yakitori Ton Ton for lunch.

Ippudo Ramen Dinner
¥800-¥1500, 1-2 hours

Indulge in a bowl of savory tonkotsu ramen at Ippudo Ramen for dinner, a popular ramen chain in Japan.

Day 2

Harajuku Gyoza Lou Breakfast
¥800-¥1200, 1-2 hours

Start your day with a sumptuous breakfast of crispy pan-fried gyoza at Harajuku Gyoza Lou.

Afuri Ramen Lunch
¥1000-¥1500, 1-2 hours

For lunch, savor a refreshing yuzu-infused bowl of yuzu shio ramen at Afuri Ramen, with a modern twist on traditional ramen.

Rokurinsha Dinner
¥1200-¥2000, 1-2 hours

End your day with a hearty bowl of tsukemen, dipping noodles, at Rokurinsha, a renowned ramen spot in Tokyo Station.

Day 3

Akihabara Tamashi Ramen Breakfast
¥900-¥1500, 1-2 hours

Enjoy a breakfast of rich and flavorful tonkotsu ramen at Akihabara Tamashi Ramen located in the electric town of Akihabara.

Sushi Dai Lunch
¥4000-¥8000, 1-2 hours

For lunch, experience a sushi omakase meal at Sushi Dai in Tsukiji Outer Market, showcasing the freshest seafood.

Ninja Akasaka Dinner
¥3000-¥5000, 2-3 hours

Finish your culinary journey with a unique ninja-themed dining experience at Ninja Akasaka for dinner, with ninja performances and fusion cuisine.