Ultimate 5-Day Restaurant List for Leh Ladakh Adventure

Restaurant List

Day 1

The Tibetan Kitchen Breakfast
INR 300, 1 hour

Start your day with a traditional Ladakhi breakfast at The Tibetan Kitchen, known for its delicious momos and thukpa.

Bon Appetit Leh Lunch
INR 600, 1.5 hours

Enjoy a hearty lunch at Bon Appetit Leh, offering a mix of Indian and international cuisine with a stunning mountain view.

The Tibetan Kitchen Dinner
INR 400, 1 hour

End the day with another meal at The Tibetan Kitchen, savoring their flavorful thenthuk for dinner.

Day 2

German Bakery Breakfast
INR 200, 1 hour

Indulge in freshly baked goods and a healthy breakfast at German Bakery, a popular spot among travelers.

Lala's Art Cafe Lunch
INR 500, 1.5 hours

For lunch, head to Lala's Art Cafe for organic and vegetarian options in a cozy ambiance.

The Tibetan Kitchen Dinner
INR 350, 1 hour

Dine at The Tibetan Kitchen again for dinner and try their delectable butter tea with a side of tingmo.

Day 3

Coffee Culture Breakfast
INR 250, 1 hour

Start your day with a refreshing breakfast at Coffee Culture, known for its drinks and light bites.

World Garden Cafe Lunch
INR 700, 2 hours

Enjoy a fulfilling lunch at World Garden Cafe amidst greenery and a peaceful atmosphere.

Open Hand Cafe Dinner
INR 450, 1.5 hours

For dinner, savor the flavors of Ladakhi cuisine at Open Hand Cafe, a socially responsible eatery.

Day 4

Baker's Hut Breakfast
INR 150, 45 minutes

Grab a quick and tasty breakfast at Baker's Hut, known for its fresh pastries and sandwiches.

The Grand Dragon Ladakh Lunch
INR 1000, 2 hours

Experience a luxurious lunch at The Grand Dragon Ladakh, offering a blend of Ladakhi and international cuisines.

Norlakh Handmade Cafe Dinner
INR 400, 1.5 hours

End your day with a cozy dinner at Norlakh Handmade Cafe, known for its homely atmosphere and tasty Ladakhi dishes.

Day 5

Snow Lion Restaurant and Garden Breakfast
INR 300, 1 hour

Enjoy a leisurely breakfast at Snow Lion Restaurant and Garden, offering a range of breakfast options with a view.

Penguin Garden Restaurant Lunch
INR 600, 1.5 hours

For lunch, dine amidst nature at Penguin Garden Restaurant, known for its fresh and organic dishes.

World Garden Cafe Dinner
INR 500, 1.5 hours

Finish your trip with a delightful dinner at World Garden Cafe, enjoying their international and Ladakhi fusion cuisine.