Vegetarian, Italian, and Mexican Restaurant Guide for a 4-Day Trip to Baku

Restaurant List

Day 1

Green Garden Cafe Breakfast
$$, 30 minutes

A cozy spot offering a variety of vegetarian options for breakfast.

Piazza Italian Restaurant Lunch
$$$, 1 hour

Authentic Italian dishes with a vegetarian menu available for lunch.

Salsa Mexicana Dinner
$$, 1.5 hours

Enjoy flavorful Mexican dishes in a vibrant setting for dinner.

Day 2

Veggie Delight Cafe Breakfast
$$, 45 minutes

Start your day with a nutritious vegetarian breakfast at this local favorite.

Trattoria da Enzo Lunch
$$$, 1.5 hours

Experience traditional Italian flavors for lunch at this charming restaurant.

Mexican Spice Kitchen Dinner
$$, 1.5 hours

Indulge in spicy Mexican delights for a flavorful dinner experience.

Day 3

Herbivore Haven Breakfast
$$, 30 minutes

Delicious vegetarian options await you for a healthy breakfast choice.

Ristorante Italiano Gusto Lunch
$$$, 1 hour

Enjoy an elegant Italian lunch with a selection of vegetarian dishes.

Cantina de Mexico Dinner
$$, 1.5 hours

Transport yourself to Mexico with bold flavors for dinner.

Day 4

Fresh Start Cafe Breakfast
$$, 45 minutes

Choose from a variety of vegetarian breakfast options to kickstart your day.

La Piazza Italiana Lunch
$$$, 1.5 hours

Experience the essence of Italy with vegetarian-friendly dishes for lunch.

Taco Haven Dinner
$$, 1.5 hours

Savor the spicy and savory flavors of Mexico for a delightful dinner.