Ultimate 3-Day Restaurant List in Ujjain

Restaurant List

Day 1

Shree Naman Group Breakfast
INR 150, 1 hour

Start your day with a traditional Indian breakfast at Shree Naman Group. Enjoy delicious poha, jalebi, and chai in a cozy ambiance.

Shivam Restaurant Lunch
INR 300, 1.5 hours

For lunch, head to Shivam Restaurant and savor authentic Malwa cuisine. Don't miss the daal baati churma and lassi!

Shree Sawariya Restaurant Dinner
INR 250, 1 hour

End the day with dinner at Shree Sawariya Restaurant. Indulge in their flavorful thali offering a variety of local dishes.

Day 2

Jain Sweets Breakfast
INR 100, 1 hour

Kickstart your day with a sweet breakfast at Jain Sweets. Try their mouth-watering malpua and lassi.

Kanha Restaurant Lunch
INR 200, 1 hour

For lunch, head to Kanha Restaurant for some delicious vegetarian thali. Enjoy the variety of dishes and authentic flavors.

Sheetal Restaurant Dinner
INR 180, 1 hour

Dine at Sheetal Restaurant for dinner and relish their speciality, the Ujjaini poha. The perfect way to end your day!

Day 3

Chotiwala Breakfast
INR 120, 1 hour

Begin your day with a hearty breakfast at Chotiwala. Treat yourself to their amazing aloo paratha with fresh curd.

Shree Ganga Restaurant Lunch
INR 250, 1.5 hours

At lunchtime, head to Shree Ganga Restaurant for some delicious thalis. The unlimited servings will leave you satisfied!

Jasoda Palace Dinner
INR 300, 1 hour

For dinner, Jasoda Palace is the place to be. Enjoy their special Rajasthani thali offering an array of delectable dishes.